Check for the latest information and service updates as we respond to COVID-19.

Spring Clean-up 2020

Rescheduled to September 21 – October 2.

Pick-up will take place on residents regular garbage collection day. See Calendar below.


Additional COVID-19 precautions may apply and will be advertised closer to this event.

Household Hazardous Waste Day

Rescheduled to October 3

Due to COVID-19, the number of customers allowed at the drop-off counter has been limited to two at a time. To reduce waiting times for other customers, please sort your recyclables at home. Recyclables are accepted in the following eight categories:

  1. Stretchy plastic film and bags (bread bags, shopping bags, beverage case overwrap etc.)
  2. Other flexible packaging (crinkly plastic film, chip bag, candy wrappers, etc., and Ziploc™ bags)
  3. Retail packaging containers (metal cans, metal and plastic lids, rigid plastic cups, tubs and pails, dairy cartons etc.)
  4. Paper products and paper packaging (newspaper, flyers, tissue boxes, shoe cartons etc.)
  5. Corrugated cardboard
  6. White Styrofoam  (meat trays, electronics packaging etc. – NO peanuts)
  7. Coloured Styrofoam™ (No peanuts)
  8. Container glass (jars and bottles, place metal and plastic lids with retail packaging containers)

The depot also accepts electronics, appliances, paint, domestic pesticides, gasoline, used motor oil, antifreeze, vegetable-based cooking oil and lighting products.

Drop-off day will take place at the Mission Recycling Depot from 9 am – 1 pm.

Details about acceptable materials for both the cleanup and household hazardous waste day can be found in the in the curbside collection calendar.