On February 23, 2018, Mission RCMP released a statement regarding their investigation into an illegal pyramid scheme in the form of a fraudulent gifting circle.

The District of Mission is pleased that the Mission RCMP detachment is taking aggressive action to curtail these illegal and harmful schemes.

These illegal pyramid schemes prey on vulnerable people within the community and cause significant harm to those involved who face significant financial loss alongside potential tax implications and criminal charges.

The Mission RCMP and partner agencies are leading the way in taking real action to preventing the victimization of many more people within Mission and across the Lower Mainland.

“”It’s a shame that so many are pulled into these pyramid schemes with false assurances that they are legal and approved by the CRA. They are not!” said Mayor Randy Hawes.

The District of Mission has no additional comment. All enquiries are to be made to the RCMP.

View the RCMP Release

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