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As part of National Drowning Prevention Week (NDPW) which is a public awareness campaign o build community and media support for the drowning prevention cause, the Mission Parks, Recreation and Culture Department is hosting a Swim to Survive Activity on Saturday July 24. This activity will be provided during all of the family swim sessions. To register visit

Swim to Survive is a 15 to 20 minute activity lead by a lifeguard that teaches the essential minimum skills required to survive an unexpected fall into deep water.  A great learning experience for those who enjoy water activities such as boating, kayaking/canoeing or those who visit lakes, beaches and backyard pools. All ages are welcome to participate (children 6 years and under must be accompanied by a swimming adult) and a certificate of completion will be awarded.

The Canadian Swim to Survive Standard:

  1. Roll into deep water – Orientate oneself at the surface after an unexpected entry.
  2. Tread water for 1 minute – Support oneself at the surface to locate the nearest point of safety.
  3. Swim 50 metres – Reach the closest point of safety by using any method of swimming.

Standards can also be met while wearing a PFD Lifejacket.