Investments made by the District of Mission are paying off as tech jobs start to move into downtown Mission.

Over 30 high paying tech jobs are moving to downtown Mission with the signing of two new lease agreements for the District-owned building, located at 7337 Welton Street.

i-Open Technologies Inc. is moving to downtown Mission, and brings 33 jobs to the District.

i-Open Technologies Inc. builds industry specific applications with a focus on spatial applications, asset management solutions and data integration services.

The Sumas Regional Consortium for High Tech (SRCTec) has signed a separate lease for space at the same building, and will be providing industry-specific technology programs focused on innovation and incubation, research, and technology commercialization. The goal is to develop a local technology hub in Mission.

SRCTec is a non-profit society founded in 2006 with the intent to actively attract technology companies and promote skilled tech training and education to the Fraser Valley.

“Bringing both a successful technology company and a group with a regional focus to downtown Mission is the result of many years of focused work and will be a great benefit to the District. This will be a catalyst to support downtown revitalization and encourage further investment in our community.” says Stacey Crawford, Economic Development Officer for the District of Mission.

The technology sector is the third largest contributor to BC’s economic activity, and over the past five years its growth has outpaced the average growth of the BC economy. It is one of the 8 key sectors in the BC Jobs Plan as well as a spotlight sector for our region and the District of Mission.

About iOpen Technologies 

i-Open Technologies Inc. delivers spatially enabled industry specific custom applications, and is supported by a well-established and proven professional services practice. Focusing on Spatial Applications and Data Integration as the core implementation models, i-Open delivers solutions to various Industry groups and government sector organizations.

About SRCTec 

The Sumas Regional Council for High Tech (SRCTec) is a not-for-profit organization governed by a select group of technology executives that form a volunteer board of directors. SRCTec is a coalition of local government, industry partners and higher education institutions interested in attracting tech based investment into the “Region” (including the District of Mission, City of Abbotsford and Chilliwack). As a council, SRCTec understands the necessary infrastructure and programs required within the Region in order to create jobs, foster innovation and drive skills training.

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