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Sometimes your recyclables require a little more care to ensure that what you are setting out for recycling actually gets recycled, and to prevent problems in the processing facility.Here are some common holiday wrapping materials that people often wonder about:
  1. Wrapping paper: While most wrapping paper can be included with your paper recyclables collected by Multi-Material BC (MMBC), please remove ribbons and bows, and exclude any wrapping materials that are foil-lined.  Tissue paper used to wrap presents or fill gift bags can also be included in your paper recycling bag or bin.
  2. Gift bags: Paper gift bags can be included with your paper recyclables.  Be sure to remove handles, metal grommets and decorations such as bows and ribbons.  Similar to wrapping paper, gift bags with foil lining or non-paper decoration are not recyclable as they are not compatible with the recycling process.
  1. Greeting cards: Greeting cards should be included in your paper recycling, but if your card plays music or a recorded greeting be sure to remove the electronic circuitry and battery first. These are recyclable under BC’s e-waste program.  Contact the Recycling Council of BC for more details.
  1. Gift baskets: Neither cellophane wrap used with gift baskets, nor the basket itself are able to be recycled at this time, but paper basket filler is okay to include in your recycling.
  1. Packages: Cardboard boxes used for shipping gifts should be broken down so that they lay flat and bundled with other boxes before being put out to the curb.  Bubble wrap and foam packing peanuts are not accepted in MMBC’s program; however, tissue or Kraft packaging paper can be recycled curbside, and foam cushion packaging can be recycled at MMBC depots.

Ensuring that only accepted items are included with your recycling means that more material will be recycled. Your extra efforts make a huge difference.

Christmas Tree-cycling

At the Curb: Christmas trees will be collected at the curb on your regular collection day; but must be free of decorations and cut in half to fit into the collection vehicle.

At the Landfill: One Christmas tree per household may also be dropped off at the Mission Landfill free of charge any time. The Mission Landfill is located at 32000 Dewdney Trunk Road, just east of the Stave Lake dam, and is open seven days a week from 8 am to 5 pm, closed on statutory holidays, including Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.