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June 5-12, 2021 is Water Safety Week which is an annual campaign.
Our Parks, Recreation & Culture team wants to ensure you and your family are safe in and around the water. View the water safety tips and resources before embarking on a splashing good summer!

Download Water Safety Children’s Activity Sheets

Summer Water Safety:
For many Canadian families, summer includes activities such as boating and swimming. But each year, tragic and avoidable water-related fatalities occur across Canada.










Open Water Safety:
Many residents will participate in activities on the open water this summer. There are several steps that swimmers and boaters can take to stay safe when in, on, or around the water.











Life Jacket & Boating Safety:
When it comes to life jackets or PFDs, close by isn’t close enough.  Choose to WEAR your life jacket or PFD and make every boating outing a return trip.










Backyard Pools:
Backyard pools can provide many hours of summer fun, but they can also be dangerous. Owning a backyard pool or hot tub comes with the responsibility of ensuring its safe use.









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