*Winter Road Updates January 17 5:55 AM

Most schools are open in Mission.  Please visit mpsd.ca for more information.

We had 3 trucks out overnight; at 4 am, a full crew started cleaning up the snow that fell overnight.

BC Transit:

Please check the BC transit website for updates. BC Transit Website

Garbage/Recycling January 16:

Update from Remple Disposal: Collections for Friday, January 17th, Orange Day: We will be collecting all streams today. However we may not be able to complete all areas based on hills and road conditions. If your area is not able to be collected you will be entitled to double the collection on your next collection day.
Please follow the Remple Disposal website for the most up to date information directly from the collector: http://www.rempledisposal.com/

Report missed pickups and other service issues directly to the collection contractor, Remple Disposal at 604-820-6487.

Preparing for Winter Conditions

As we enter the winter months we want to ensure we are all as prepared as possible to deal with winter driving conditions, snow, and ice.

Ice Patrols

From November through February the District of Mission conducts overnight winter ice patrols. Night-shift crews undertake a patrol whenever the ambient temperature at the Public Works Complex drops to 2 degrees Celsius or lower at the start of their shift. We also receive precision forecasts daily, and more frequently when weather changes are expected.

View the ice patrol route

Brining and Sanding

Crews will brine roads if patrols find icy conditions or snow accumulation of 25mm or more, or when freezing rain or snowfall of 25mm or more are expected. Priority 1 routes and transit routes are all pre-treated, with crews working to ensure this is done four hours prior to any anticipated weather event.

Crews apply a sand-salt mix to roads on non-snow days and when there are icy roads. Sanding is done on an as-needed basis when grit is required on paved surfaces to improve traction. Typically this is done on hills, approaches to intersections, and known icy areas. First responders and the public can also contact the district to request emergency after-hours sanding.

Clearing Snow and Ice

Snow Routes

During winter snow or ice events Public Works crews work around the clock to clear ice and snow from roads. Clearing is prioritized across seven snow route areas.

Priority one routes are emergency routes, transit and school bus routes, streets in the business district, and parking on 1st Avenue. These are cleared first during all snow and winter weather events.

Once priority one routes are clear crews will address priority two routes, which are secondary collectors and primary residential streets.

Finally, once a snow event has ended and all priority one and two routes are clear and in good condition crews will address priority three routes.

Snow Route Maps

Find out more about snow routes in Mission.

There are a few areas that will not be cleared:

  • Lanes;
  • Sidewalks* and stairways other than those specifically identified in the current snow clearing procedures;
  • Private roads and private driveways;
  • Park trails and trail parking lots; and
  • Florence Lake Road, unless required in an emergency.

All parking lots associated with municipal buildings will be cleared, salted and sanded by 10:00 am the day following a snow event (Municipal Hall and Public Works Complex will only be cleared on days they are normally open). All other sidewalks, walkways, and stairs will not be cleared.

Highways and the Mission Bridge

The District of Mission does not maintain the roadways along the two Provincial Highways – Highway #7 (Lougheed Highway) and Highway #11 (Mission Abbotsford Highway, including the Mission Bridge).

Highway driving conditions are available through DriveBC.

School Closures

The Mission Public School District posts information regarding unscheduled school closures due to inclement weather on the School District Website.

Public Responsibility

Sidewalks & Residential Parking

Businesses and residents are responsible for clearing snow and ice from sidewalks bordering their property.

Residents are also required to remove vehicles parked on public streets in order to allow safe access for snow plowing equipment.

In cases where vehicles are parked along the street, the roads will not be plowed until such time as the vehicles are moved. Fines will be issued for those not abiding by the bylaw.


*Sidewalk Snowplowing Pilot Project – New

New to the 2017/2018 winter season, a pilot project for sidewalk snow clearing for approximately 10 km of municipally-owned sidewalk will take place.  Please note that sidewalk clearing is limited to the areas identified on the map below.  As stated above, businesses and residents are responsible for clearing snow and ice from sidewalks bordering their property. 

Map of Sidewalk Snow Removal Locations for Pilot Project


Being Prepared for Winter Weather Events

At Home

Plan ahead wherever possible. When snow is in the forecast make sure you’ve taken care of important items like prescription refills and have enough food to last you through a weather event.

Please check-in with your neighbours to see if they need anything.

Winter Driving

It’s your responsibility to ensure that you, and your vehicle, are prepared for winter driving conditions.

ICBC recommends winter tires for driving in snow and ice. Keep in mind that while driving without winter tires won’t void your insurance, if you get into a crash where winter tires could have helped, not having them may affect whether – or how much – you are at fault.

Find out more on ICBC’s website.

Safe Driving

You can keep yourself, your family, and other pedestrians and drivers safe, by following a few simple guidelines when the streets are icy or visibility is poor:

  • Slow down and leave plenty of space between your car and the one in front of you
  • Check your tires and tire pressure regularly to make sure you are ready for slippery roads
  • Make sure you have plenty of windshield washer fluid
  • Keep your gas tank at least half full in case you have an emergency
  • Get or make an emergency car kit

Visit Shift Into Winter and ICBC for more information and tips on winter driving conditions.