Winter Storm Warning

Be safe during winter storm conditions. Heavy snow loads, ice, winds and warmer temperatures are causing significant dangers as trees can fall blocking roads and potentially bringing down power lines.

To report downed trees, flooding, issues with traffic signals, and other general municipal issues on District of Mission roadways call 604-820-3761. NOTE: Call volumes are such that we may not be able to answer your call. Please leave a message and we will attend to issue as soon as possible..

Call 911 in case of emergency. If you see a downed power line stay back and call 911.

For issues along the highways contact the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure 604-794-7414 ext.100.

Be Prepared

Emergency responders and municipal staff are working hard during the storm to keep the community safe. Please help make sure resources are best allocated and only call 911 for life threatening emergencies or for downed power lines.

You can prepare for these storms and any potential power outages with just a few easy steps:

Around your Home

  • Keep your mobile phone charged
  • Find your flashlights and make sure you have fresh batteries
  • Make sure you have adequate food and water
  • Be careful with candles
  • If you’re using a portable generator make sure you have fuel and make sure it isn’t near any openings to the house
  • Check your roof for heavy snow loading and clear if possible. Potential rain can increase weight and lead to roof failure.
  • Check the catchbasins near your house and make sure they’re free of snow and debris

Around Mission

  • Avoid trees and wooded areas as high winds and heavy snow loads can bring down branches and trees
  • Avoid driving during the storm unless absolutely necessary
  • Boaters should stay off the water during the storm and ensure boats are secured
  • Be careful around river edges

By taking these precautions you can help minimize the risks that come with sever storms and help keep our community safe.